How do I use the mandala support?

Modified on Wed, 3 Apr at 3:52 AM

To start accessing the 40-day mandala support, click "Log in to continue" and enter the email address you used when registering for your Inner Engineering program. Then, set a time for the guided practice and the self-practice sessions.

 NOTE: There should be a minimum gap of 4 hours between the two practices. 

During the guided session, an Ishanga (Isha Yoga Instructor) will guide you through the practice and keep the timings for you. For the self-practice session, you can maintain the timings on your own. If you are unable to join the guided practice session at your selected time, you can still join any of the other guided practice sessions. If you encounter any errors or issues with the mandala feature and are unable to use it, please continue to do the practice on your own until the problem is resolved